Community Empowered Education

Communities use Bora protocol to fund the education of our future leaders. Transparent and Community operated, Bora is the future for funding student education.

Our Focus

Community Empowered Education

Educate the leaders of tomorrow

Democratize student loans

Bora protocol takes inspiration from Cardano’s Project Catalyst program. Similar to Project Catalyst, the Bora protocol will have Proposers, Voters and Community Advisors to manage the distribution of funds to students around the world. Furthermore, the Bora protocol will operate as a DOA. The Bora community will govern and operate the Bora protocol thru voting with vBORA.

Our Tokens




How Does it work?

Bora will incorporate KYC and Qualifications/Degrees/Diplomas into DID (Decentralized Digital Identities) on the Cardano blockchain so students can build a credit record over time and have instant access to their qualifications and other web3 innovations.

In future the Bora protocol will expand by forming SubDOAs. Each SubDAO’s will have similar operational mechanics as the main (first) Bora DAO with investment tools.  SubDOAs will be formed based on investment type (cohort), such as by country, economic status, course type, or age group. Effectively, any school (from anywhere, academic/ non-academic) can apply to create a SubDAO and add students who could benefit from a loan on the Bora protocol. Creating pools/vaults with a focus on a specific area or need will help members invest in the causes that align with each investor’s individual values.

Our Vision

Bora’s vision is to fund the education of future leaders through community driven DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) funded by the value on the blockchain in cyberspace.

Bora will bring financial inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability to students all over the world.


Fanna Park

Fanna obtained his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Fanna brings an understanding of financial technology, capital markets, investment banking and consulting.
He has a cross-cultural understanding of African economies combined with multi-year hands-on experience spanning product development and delivery of strategic partnerships.